Tom Cottrell
Dr. Cottrell provides extensive support on various litigation and expert testimony assignments using highly sophisticated, complex models to complement KGP’s financial expertise and experience.. (more...)

Jeff Zitelman

Mr. Zitelman serves as quality assurance expert for KGP’s Conseco Fair Fund engagement.  In addition, he advocates KGP’s aligned incentive model to government sponsored enterprises as part of its effort to address the current foreclosure crisis. (more...)

John Watts
Mr. Watts has participated in several high-profile engagements including most recently leading the valuation team for KGP’s advisory engagement to the Department of Veterans Affairs. (more...) 

Adam Rainey
Mr. Rainey was a member of the Kormendi \ Gardner Partners team until 2008 and worked on all financial advisory, investment banking and private equity engagements including the structuring and launch of a private equity fund. (more...)
Roman Bas

Mr. Bas was a member of the Kormendi \ Gardner Partners until 2008 and participated on all financial advisory and investment banking engagements including all of KGP’s Air Force housing privatization projects. (more...)