Resolution Trust/FDIC -- Brazos / Mountain AMDAs

Joint Venture Sale of General Partnership Equity Interest for RTC and FDIC 

Analyzed terms of original FSLIC-assisted acquisition and recommended restructuring plan; negotiated restructuring with private acquirer; performed cost-savings, budgetary and cashflow projections for agency; recommended prototype asset sale provisions for all agency assets; analyzed tax effects of restructuring; analyzed asset portfolio; designed and drafted initial documentation of the AMDA contractual provisions ("Prototype Asset Management and Disposition Agreement"); drafted Statements of Work for due diligence and valuation contractors, and participated with RTC personnel in selecting contractors; supported RTC in all aspects of the negotiation, documentation and implementation of the AMDA structure; worked with outside counsel to convert the Prototype Agreement into limited partnership structure; supervised due diligence and valuation contractors; certified asset valuation to RTC; negotiated portfolio values with private investor-partners; prepared Statement of Work for solicitation of private contractor for post-closing monitoring; modeled RTC and investor cashflows; modeled RTC cost-benefit analysis; supported RTC negotiation of pricing of private partners' capital contributions; advised RTC on provisions of purchase-and-sale agreement and post-closing asset roll-forwards and prorations; provided post-closing adjustments.  This contract was through The MidAmerica Institute for Public Policy, founded by KGP Principal Dr. Roger Kormendi.