Client Services

Federal Government Services
Financial advisory services, transaction support services and public policy recommendations are provided to the Federal Government on a regular and on-going basis. (more...)
Financial Advisory & Investment Banking
Clients are advised on complex financial matters and sophisticated transactional structures are designed and implemented by KGP based on Aligned Economic Incentives. (more...)
Financial Engineering
KGP applies modern scientific finance to provide options valuation, structure innovative financial agreements, and develop innovative incentive-aligned transactions for its clients. (more...)
Litigation Support
KGP provides expert testimony and expert reports for use in courtroom and legislative proceedings related to complex financial and economic issues. (more...)
Private Equity
Private equity clients are advised on the development of Aligned Economic Incentives contractual structures, the valuation of assets and the financial engineering of investment returns. (more...)
KGP applies cutting-edge techniques and theory in a variety of economic, financial, legal and public policy research interest. (more...)