Federal Government Services


Since its inception, Kormendi \ Gardner Partners has provided financial advisory services, transaction support services and public policy recommendations to the Federal Government on a regular and on-going basis. Clients have included Department of Defense (DRMS, AFCEE), Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Treasury, Department of Veterans Affairs, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Office of Personal Management, Resolution Trust Corporation, and the U.S. Forest Service.  

KGP is a fully qualified financial advisor able to provide services in both the program and transactional arenas for any U.S. agency charged with managing and disposing of its present and future asset portfolios.  KGP has performed its financial advisory services successfully in every case, on schedule and on budget.  Moreover, KGP transactions have provided tangible, superior performance benefits for agency clients and the taxpayers in spite of a sometimes volatile marketplace, shifts in the asset pools and, from time to time, refinements in agency policy directions. 

These services have included strategic program support such as budget analyses, broad portfolio analyses and sale strategy recommendations, specification of a transaction structure and its legal design, presentations to supervising authorities and, in one instance, support of the agency's successful response to lengthy protests.  KGP has also followed through on those general financial asset services with turnkey transactional services that included asset valuation, portfolio subpooling, presentation of a detailed sale strategy for agency approval, pre-sale support, preparation of bid packages and legal documents, detailed cost-savings and budget analyses, due diligence design and supervision, financial modeling and simulations, bidder pre-qualification, bid process design and administration, compliance review development, investor marketing, closing and post-closing adjustments, post-sale analyses and training. 

Projects described in the Representative Engagements section of the website illustrate the range of KGP capabilities, and provide examples of KGP's experience with the services listed above.  All engagements were comprehensive, in that KGP was the only financial advisor for the subject programs and asset portfolios, and KGP accordingly provided all requisite advisory services from broad program support to the nuts-and-bolts of transactional data, documents and closings.