The Firm

Kormendi \ Gardner Partners ("KGP"), founded in 1991, is a highly-specialized financial advisory firm that provides sophisticated analysis and transactional structuring services for private sector and public sector clients. KGP's expertise in economics, finance, capital markets, data analysis, law and public policy combines powerful analytic capabilities with practical hands-on experience.

KGP has designed, negotiated and implemented complex financial transactions in a wide variety of markets governing over $50 billion of assets. It has provided comprehensive financial advisory and consulting services to clients in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Representative KGP engagements include:

  • Public-Private Partnerships: KGP designed and implemented a series of tailored public-private partnerships to dispose of over $5 billion of real estate and other governmental assets for U.S. government agencies including toxic financial assets for Resolution Trust Corporation, mortgage assets and loan portfolios for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and surplus materials (useable and scrap) for the Department of Defense.
  • Independent Distribution Consultant: KGP acted as a consultant on the first SEC market timing case involving variable annuity products covering forty thousand investors and hundreds of millions of dollars of investments in over forty mutual funds.
  • Private Equity and M&A Advisory: KGP has provided advisory services for a private equity firm focusing on acquisitions of family-owned companies in Europe.
  • Privatization Programs: KGP designed and oversaw a pilot transaction and several follow-on transactions for the U.S. Air Force for its innovative privatization program for military family housing involving hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate assets; served as lead financial advisor on a Department of the Treasury project to privatize banks in Central and Eastern Europe; and created pioneering transactions for the multi-year, multi-billion dollar "pipeline" flow of Department of Defense surplus usable and scrap assets.
  • Litigation Support: KGP served as the lead expert witness on a series of federal court cases (the “Winstar” cases) involving hundreds of millions of dollars of damages arising out of a Supreme Court decision that affirmed the U.S. government's liability for breach of contract.
  • Program Support: KGP developed business and financial processes for the oversight, monitoring and financial control structure of HUD's $3 billion per year single family REO disposition program.

The results of KGP's financial and policy research have been published widely in scholarly journals and business outlets, and KGP principals have testified numerous times before the U.S. Congress and government agencies.