Jeff Zitelman

Mr. Zitelman has over twenty years of professional experience in financial systems and information technology. His experience covers a range of subject areas including technical analysis of securities markets, automated securities trading systems, telecommunications support systems, Customer Relationship Management systems, and information security. He has worked with The Financial News Network, Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer and Amdocs.

Currently he is responsible for quality assurance and quality control related to KGP’s Conseco Fair Fund engagement for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In addition, Mr. Zitelman is advocating KGP’s aligned incentive model to government sponsored enterprises and financial institutions as part of KGP’s efforts to address the current credit and foreclosure crisis. His volunteer work includes assisting homeowners in foreclosure for Montgomery County, MD.

Mr. Zitelman received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University.